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The unique patented hinge used in our Hinged Folding Adjustable Canes is machined from solid high strength aluminum. The release lever which has the push button on it is also solid aluminum. The design is such that there is no force trying to unlock the hinge when weight is applied vertically.

Why You Should Choose Us

Free shipping is a powerful financial incentive.  You know exactly what you are going to pay for our products.  Combine that with almost always shipping from stock the same day.  Our unique hinged canes cannot be duplicated and are everyday workhorses.  Warranty, Guarantee, and Customer Service on the phone all make for satisfied customers.

Customer Comments

M.R. New York, NY

Hello, Your cane is great. I have a FAC-33/39 (with off-set handle). I am planning on buying another one as a spare. Can the soft sponge handle be replaced with a hard one? Many thanks. - M.R. New York, NY
(Dapper replies: Yes, contact us to place a special order for a hard handle).

Frances White, Lexington, KY

Hello, I am recovering from complications of back surgery and need a cane to walk. I don't have the upper body strength to wrestle with the "bungee" cord canes and found your website. The can was delivered yesterday and it is wonderful! Most of the time I ended up knocking my cane over while in restaurants or at work. Now I can just flip it down to a very manageable 18" or so. Thank you for making my life a little easier! I will recommend it to everyone!

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