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How it works

Easy to Open,
a Snap to Close!

The unique patented hinge used in our Hinged Folding Adjustable Canes is machined from solid high strength aluminum. The release lever which has the push button on it is also solid aluminum. The design is such that there is no force trying to unlock the hinge when weight is applied vertically.

Why You Should Choose Us

Free shipping is a powerful financial incentive.  You know exactly what you are going to pay for our products.  Combine that with almost always shipping from stock the same day.  Our unique hinged canes cannot be duplicated and are everyday workhorses.  Warranty, Guarantee, and Customer Service on the phone all make for satisfied customers.

Customer Comments

C. S. Houston, TX

Hello, I have one of your canes and enjoy it very much...even though I can only walk short distances. Thanks. - C. S. Houston, TX

D.G. Boca Raton, FL

I ordered 3 of your canes years ago, 2 off-set ones and 1 Derby one, which have been flawless. Today I lost one at the market and need to buy a replacement. These are the greatest canes. I love them.

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